Children’s Musicals

Here are music samples from Wind in the Willows

By Liza Phipps & Avril Thompson

  1. 1. Wind in the Willows

  2. 2. In the Springtime

  3. 3. All Along the Backwater

  4. 4. Toad of Toad Hall

  5. 5. Heading Off on a Journey

  6. 6. Have you heard the News

  7. 7. You Will Come To No Good

  8. 8. We’re going To Sort Out Toad

  9. 9. Poop! Poop!

  10. 10. Twenty Years in Gaol

  11. 11. The World Has Held Great Heroes

  12. 12. Toad He Went A-Pleasuring

Much more information about this musical, including Synopsis, Cast, Running Time, etc. will follow shortly.

The show has received a number of successful performances both in Schools and Theatres.

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