Children’s Musicals

Here are music samples from The Pied Piper

By Liza Phipps & Avril Thompson

  1. 1.  Hamelin Town

  2. 2.  What Are We To Do?

  3. 3.  Man of the Moment

  4. 4.  Peter was a Lame Boy

  5. 5.  We Want Action

  6. 6.  Make a Whole lot of Noise

  7. 7.  Two Hours

  8. 8.  Automatic Apparatus

  9. 9.  Along Came a Fellow

  10. 10. Follow Me

  11. 11. Celebration, Jubilation

  12. 12. A Thousand Pounds

  13. 13. Your Children are Gone


Much more information about this musical, including Synopsis, Cast, Running Time, etc. will follow shortly.

The show has received a number of successful performances both in Schools and Theatres.

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