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‘History Showtime’ is an excitng new resource for KS 2 History.

It comprises ‘Ancient Egyptians’, ‘Vikings’, ‘Romans’ and ‘Ancient Greeks’.

This series of books is written by Liza Phipps and Avril Thompson, and is published by Franklin Watts.

It presents simple facts about the featured group’s civilisation, their society and daily life.


It incorporates History, Craftwork, Music, and a Play script designed for Class Assembly. (Click on category to see examples).

The songs reinforce the key elements of the history lesson, and

will probably remain a permanent memory for the children.

Teachers without a musical background are assisted by the provision of backing tracks which include children singing the songs,


This imaginative, cross curricular approach highlights

Core Historical information, clearly presented.

Craft Activities carefully expained and illustrated.

A Play Script, which is ideal for whole class assembly,

   and incorporates the four songs.

The downloadable music items, which are the instrumental backing tracks

   and a version with choir (including optional harmonies),

   together with the piano scores, and lyrics.

This is a brand new series of books

written by Liza Phipps & Avril Thompson


“......a month of lesson plans in one book”

“......the play was ideal for my assembly”

“This book features something for eyeryone: facts and activities”

“It is both educational and fun”

Click on a title page to hear short excerpts

of the songs that are in the book.

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